How a Gift From My Best Friend Ruined My Life

It all started around Christmas last year when my best friend gifted me this beautiful Rose Quartz crystal.

Although we didn’t know much about it, we both loved crystals, and gifting each other stones was something we did pretty often. 

I had just begun dating Robert, my boyfriend, and she jokingly said that this "love stone" would keep our romance alive. So, I placed it on our bedside table, not thinking much about it.

That’s when the whole hell broke loose. We began arguing nearly every day and were on the brink of breaking up.

I couldn't understand why we were clashing so much. Then, one night, as I lay there in tears after yet another argument, I glanced to the side and saw that pretty pink rock. And that's when it hit me…

This started happening as soon as I let that Rose Quartz inside our bedroom.

Gifting Crystals Can Be Dangerous

I was in shock for a few minutes, just holding that beautiful Rose Quartz in my hand. This stone was the root of the problem…

I used to think crystals were all about positive energy, but the idea that they might harm me sent me on a research spree.

And that’s when I discovered a shocking truth - gifting crystals can actually be a dangerous game.  

Am I Ruining the Lives of My Loved Ones?

After spending hours digging into the topic, I found out that these beautiful stones have more power than I thought, and if you mishandle them, they can be dangerous.

Yes, even if your intentions are pure, gifting gemstones might do more harm than good!

Here's why:

Believe me, I was in full-on panic mode! I had given so many crystals to my best friend, sister, mother, even my little niece!

Oh my goodness... had I accidentally messed up the lives of my loved ones?

That was it, I was ready to swear off crystals forever. 

Until I found the solution to my crystal problems

How to Gift Crystals the Safe Way – the Mindful Box

During my research, this monthly subscription just kept popping up. Crystal lovers just couldn’t stop raving about it. 

They said it was the perfect way to get authentic crystals in a completely safe way. No bad vibes, no toxic energy, no lives ruined!

But before gifting it to someone, I had to be sure and try it myself!

My first Mindful Box arrived a few days later. At first, I hesitated to open it, concerned about unleashing new negative energies into my space.

But as I unboxed it, I felt nothing but positive vibes.

You see, the Mindful Souls team is dedicated to ensuring that you not only receive top-quality crystals but also experience their best energy.

All their stones are:

🔮 Cleansed & Charged
Before packing, Mindful Souls cleanses and charges each crystal to ensure they arrive at your doorstep brimming with positive energy and ready for use.

Handpicked with Intention
Every month, a team of healing and spirituality masters intentionally selects the gemstones that will better serve the subscribers. Everything is done with purpose.

🏔️ Sourced Ethically
Mindful Souls sources all their stones directly in the birthplaces, no middleman. This guarantees that all crystals are authentic and sustainable.

Why the Mindful Box Is the Best Gift for Crystal Lovers

Mindful Souls is on a mission to make crystal work and spirituality accessible to everyone. So fewer people go through situations like my Rose Quartz drama!

That's why they pack beginner-friendly guides and rituals into each box.

Every month, you’ll get a new selection of:

The Mindful Box has become my go-to present for all the special women in my life. And that includes me, of course!

I'm already on my third box, and working with crystals doesn't feel so overwhelming anymore.

Oh, and if you're wondering – Robert and I are doing better than ever! 

Join a Community Of Thriving Souls

Laura S.


''The Mindful Box is the best!!! I wear the gem jewelry every day, and it makes me feel so confident. The box is like a treasure full of magical things. I can't get enough of it!''

Emily B.


"Perfect for a beginner like me! I'm pretty new to this whole crystal healing thing, but it comes with these super clear guides. And everything is really good quality. I AM IN LOVE!!!"

Beatrice M.


“I’ve been collecting crystals for years and this box has become my go-to! You get natural stones literally for a fraction of the price, it’s such a good deal!”


This Holiday season, gift nothing but good energy!

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