I Changed My Life With Crystals: Beginner Guide

By Mika K.   |    3 MIN. READ

I HATED My Life, But Then I Got A Special Gift…

Two years ago, I was stuck in a life that I didn’t want. I felt sad, lonely, and stressed. I didn’t love myself enough to think that I deserved better. I wanted to change but didn’t know how. I was desperately craving some guidance, some kind of tool that would pull me out of this negative spiral.

That’s when my mother gave me my first crystal. It all started with this beautiful Rose Quartz necklace, but it quickly became my new wellness obsession

Learning about crystals' benefits completely CHANGED my life. These powerful stones helped me increase my self-confidence, eliminate my chronic anxiety & even find love! Now, I want to help you do the same! Here is a quick and simple beginner’s guide on how to use the power of gems.

Most Popular Crystals & Their Benefits

1. Rose Quartz

Find true love.

With a soft & gentle energy, Rose Quartz increases the presence of all types of love in your life, including romance & passion. Use it to attract a new relationship or to unblock your Heart Chakra and heal emotional wounds.


Even more, linked to the divine feminine, this crystal invites you to step into your goddess era by increasing self-worth, confidence & compassion. Lastly, its calming properties promise to bring more peace and harmony to your routine.

2. Amethyst

Reduce anxiety & anger.

Amethyst is a protective stone that shields your energy from negativity and bad intentions. Famous for being a natural tranquilizer, this crystal is also great to reduce anxiety, anger, stress, and even balance mood swings.


Additionally, Amethyst enhances psychic abilities and boosts intuition. Keep it in your sleeping space to better remember and understand your dreams!

3. Citrine

Grow your career.

This crystal will help you invite more money and opportunities into your life while boosting creativity. Place it in your workplace to attract abundance & prosperity easily!


Known as the sunshine stone, Citrine is also great to increase positivity & joy. This crystal will bring happiness and sunny cheerfulness to you and those around you.

4. Lapis Lazuli

Alleviate pain & relax.

With powerful healing properties, this stone helps to soothe physical pain and general inflammation. Additionally, Lapis Lazuli has balancing benefits and increases inner peace, intuition & wisdom.


Famous for its enlightening energy, Lapis Lazuli opens the mind and helps with problem-solving or with creating new ideas. It’s also great for self-discovery and uncovering your true self.

5. Clear Quartz

Balance your energy.

Clear Quartz is a balancing crystal that regulates, absorbs and releases energy & intentions. Use it to clear negative energy and enhance your mental clarity with ease.


With amazing amplifying properties, this stone is perfect to attract your desires & boost the benefits of other crystals. Even more, keep Clear Quartz in your home to stimulate positive feelings joy

6. Aquamarine

Get closure & change habits.

This crystal is perfect for you if you are having trouble letting go and accepting change in your life. As a stone of courage & closure, Aquamarine helps you to move on from toxic patterns and step out of your comfort zone.


Plus, this crystal has a calming healing energy that soothes fears & increases tranquillity. You can also use it during meditation to sharper your intuition & psychic abilities.

7. Jasper

Feel confident & powerful.

Thanks to its empowering & protective energy, Red Jasper is a stone for warriors. Its long list of benefits includes courage, boldness & confidence. Keep it close to boost your self-worth & braveness during challenging times.


Additionally, Red Jasper is famous for its outstanding grounding properties. This stone will bring light to your inner power & keep you focused on your goals.

How I Use My Crystals Daily

1. Home Decor

I love to place my favorite crystals around my bedroom, living room, and even office! Using gemstones as decor helps me concentrate, relax, and keeps my environment negativity-free.

2. Gem Jewelry

I always wear at least a small bracelet to enjoy gemstones’ benefits all day long. Crystal jewelry is great for protection and keeping your self-confidence up. Plus, I always get so many compliments!

3. Meditation & Spirituality

Keeping your crystals close during other self-care practices makes them even more powerful! So, I created a daily wellness routine where I use my favorite gemstones while meditating, doing affirmations and journaling. I’ve also learned that crystals work even better if combined with other mindful goodies like talismans and essential oils.

Where I Get My Crystals

When I tell you I searched EVERYWHERE for the best crystals, I’m not exaggerating. I’ve tried local shops, the internet, different malls, but nothing seemed to work. All the real crystals were super expensive and the affordable options had terrible quality. I was wasting hours and spending a fortune! That’s why my next tip is probably the best one in this whole article! 

By subscribing to the Mindful Souls Box I get 100% natural crystals. They come from all around the world right to my doorstep! Each box also includes tons of other wellness goodies and clear info guides to learn how to use them.

I’m already on my 4th box and here is why I love it so much:

  • I get items worth $100+ CAD for just $59.97 CAD!
  • The box comes with rare crystals, gorgeous gem jewelry,essential oils, and so much more.
  • Every box is different, no repeating items.
  • The delivery is completely free.
  • I can cancel anytime, no questions asked. 

The Mindful Subscription really took my wellness ritual to a whole new level. I finally learned to love myself fully and, because of that, I feel more confident and empowered! 

And, I look as good as I feel — all my friends say I’m radiating!

Order your first box now to get 15% OFF

Change your life with crystals TODAY!



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