Crystals You Shouldn't Touch According To Your Zodiac

I've always been fascinated by astrology. And I thought I knew it all! Until one day, I discovered something that shook me...

I deeply believe in the power of the stars. You must have experienced it yourself, too. A chaotic Mercury Retrograde messing with your mind or a powerful Full Moon helping you reach your goals…

I am a fire sign, passionate, energetic, and always aiming for greatness! So it makes sense that fiery crystals like Carnelian or Red Jasper perfectly fit my zodiac energy.

With a simple touch, I can feel their energy vibing through my whole body…

They are my perfect match!

But if these are the best fit, then what about the opposite ones? Crystals that I should truly stay away from?

My first encounter with the forbidden crystals

Driven by curiosity, I spent hours searching online… 

What I discovered truly shook me! There are different crystals that every zodiac sign should avoid at all costs.

This gemstone is called the forbidden zodiac crystal

But what does this mean exactly? 

A forbidden zodiac crystal is a stone that goes against the natural energy of your zodiac sign. It's like touching a gemstone that creates a cosmic explosion, throwing your world into chaos!

I've been working for so many years with crystal healing, and this information was completely new to me. 

So, naturally, I had to dig deeper! And that's when my story gets a big twist...

The shocking truth about forbidden crystals

It was one of those sleepless nights…

I grabbed my phone and started scrolling until I saw something that made me stop!

It was a video explaining everything about forbidden zodiac crystals. The Mindful Souls experts made it so easy for me to understand how to use these gemstones correctly. I can’t believe how much time and effort they saved me with it!

I fell in love with their clarity and their expertise. It was like the Universe was trying to tell me something…

My quest led me to more than the truth

This is how my Mindful Box arrived on my doorstep just a few days later. 

It’s an expertly curated monthly subscription box filled with:

And guess what? The first box came with a gorgeous necklace of MY zodiac forbidden crystal: the soothing & calming Labradorite.

As I held it in my hands, I could feel its cool energy pulsating through my fingertips. It was as if this crystal could affect me on a deeper level. 

How, exactly? I needed some help to figure this out…

How my forbidden crystal became my favorite companion

With the guidance I received from my Mindful Box, I finally felt ready to deal with my own demons. 

I carefully read the guide that came with the box and understood the ways Labradorite could be beneficial for me. 

It holds a special power that balances my fiery nature and brings me a sense of calm.

Labradorite helped me see my goals more clearly and listen to my inner voice. I felt a newfound harmony and a strong sense of purpose like a confident lion gracefully walking its path.

This was when I realized: with guidance & knowledge, ANY crystal can work for you!

Why Mindful Souls became the best gift for myself

You see, the Mindful Box had more than just the forbidden crystal. 

Every month, it surprised me with zodiac-inspired treasures. Each item felt like a personal present from the Universe itself!

The Mindful Box became my personal sanctuary, reminding me to take care of myself and embrace who I really am. 

It showed me that I deserved to treat myself with care and choose ethical products that matched my true self. It helped me create my own path and redefine what it meant to be a Leo.

How is Mindful Box different from other subscription boxes?

Mindful Subscription Box contains only high-quality, natural crystals and jewellery - no colored glass or resin stones.

Mindful Souls sources all their items themselves, using ethical practices. And they never use middlemen, which means you're getting the best price on high-quality items.

Each box contains expertly-selected items that are designed to:

But don't just take my word for it...
Here are the stories and experiences of other Mindful Box explorers:

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Sophia D.


"I'm a Pisces, and the Mindful Box is a dream come true. The Amethyst crystal for my zodiac sign is stunning. It helps me feel calm and connected to my emotions. I look forward to my box every month!"

Kristin N.


''The Mindful Box is the best!!! I wear the gem jewelry every day, and it makes me feel so confident. The box is like a treasure full of magical things. I can't get enough of it!''

Emily B.


''Perfect for a beginner like me! I'm pretty new to this whole astrology and crystal healing thing, but it comes with these super clear guides. And everything is really good quality. I AM IN LOVE!!!"


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